Considered India’s most vibrant state despite the harsh living conditions, Rajasthan is a vast wonderland laced with legends of Rajput warrior princes. It’s heritage, culture, wildlife and sand dunes makes it one of India’s most popular tourist destination preferred specially by international visitors. One of the most special ways to uncover the jewels of this vibrat state is on board India’s most revered luxury train, the Palace on Wheels. Once a hodgepodge of Rajput warrior princes, Rajasthan today attract millions of tourists from around the world owing to its unique romantic allure. Forts, palaces, bazaars and colorful people form the backbone of Rajasthan tourism.

Palace on Wheels offer a week long luxury train tour across royal destinations in Rajasthan along with a halt at Agra to visit Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. It is also voted as the 4th best luxury train in the world. The train recreates the opulence and elegance of a bygone era offering a peek into the heritage of the erstwhile Rajputana. The destinations covered by this luxury train in India during its week long itierary include Agra, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Sawai Madhopur, Udaipur, and Bharatpur.


Suffused with nostalgia and drenched in luxury, Maharajas Express rail tours transport you back into an era of elegant traveling reminiscent of the romance of Indian Maharajas. The latest luxury offering in India, Maharajas Express is considered to be the India’s answer to the Orient Express of the West. Flagged off in 2010, Maharajas Express offers 5 pan-Indian itineraries crisscrossing across some of the most fascinating terrains in India and covering some of the most prominent tourist destinations across country.


The only luxury train in India to traverse the enchanting landscapes of South Indian terrains, the Golden Chariot offers two distinct itineraries. A journey on board this Indian luxury train is promising one as it takes you to some of the most historically and culturally significant sites in South India along with destinations with a dash of wildlife, heritage, natural beauty and cultural treasure troves.

Introducing you to some of the most spectacular destinations in India, this luxury train sojourn will also take you back in time. A journey that you will treasure forever!


Embark on a journey through time, where past meets the present, where you’ll witness the history of Marathas unfold through manifold architectural wonders, cultural excursions & rendezvous and firsthand experience of all that makes Maharashtra a unique state in historical and cultural milieu of India. A journey on board Deccan Odyssey promises to be an extravaganza which is never bereft of romance and irresistible allure.

Be it the World Heritage Sites of Ajanta and Ellora, verdant natural treasure trove of Konkan coast, winery walks in Nashik and indigenous art and craft galore at Kolhapur and Wardha, a journey on board Deccan Odyssey promises to unfold before your eyes the mesmerizing hues of Kingdom of legendary Shivaji.


Welcome aboard the Indian Maharaja, a truly regal train epitomizing the art of elegant traveling. A 7 night/8 day journey on board this Indian luxury train traverses the course of some of the most mesmerizing terrains in India. Interiors drenched in splendor of a bygone era, elegant décor, rich tapestry and gracious service characterize an unforgettable voyage in the lap of supreme luxury and pampering.


Epitomizing traveling extravaganza, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels offer a mesmerizing travel experience across the “Land of Maharajas” Rajasthan. With interiors infused with the nostalgia of a bygone era of grandeur and elegance, this luxury train in India is the foremost word in luxury traveling with its quaint décor, gourmet cuisine and impeccable hospitality. The itinerary is bespoke to bring out the cultural ethos of India with a careful selection of destinations and off tour excursions which include cultural hubbub of local sightseeing tours, visits to astonishing forts and palaces, and an array of cultural activities including shopping for handicrafts.

The journey will conclude in New Delhi but not before also taking guests on a spiritual journey across Varanasi – the ancient city known for its religious significance.